Functions & Types of the bones
Classification of vertebrae & inter vertebral disc
Male & Female pelvis
Arches of the Foot
Joints -- fibrous , cartilaginous & synovial
Chambers of the heart & conducting system of the heart
Valves of the heart
Differences between Arteries & Veins
Circulation of the blood -- Systemic , Pulmonary
Cerebral & Hepatic portal circulation
Organs of Endocrine system - Major & Minor
Pituitary gland & Thyroid gland
Primary sex organs
Duct System
Male accessory glands
Lobes of the cerebrum
Cranial nerves -- Names only
Compare between sympathetic and parasympathetic
nervous system
The Lungs and Compare between right lung and left lung
Urethra and main differences between male & female urethra
رسومات الشيت ييجى منها رسمه فى الامتحان و يطلب البيانات
يا ريت لو حد جاب اى اسئله تانيه ينزلها .. بالتوفيق للجميع ان شاء الله